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About Us

GroVia: leading the next generation in cloth diapers.

Fortunately for babies the world over, parents have increasingly developed an awareness of baby- and eco-friendly product choices.  With GroVia Diapers, we deliver cloth diapering products that contribute to this evolution...and that make cloth diapering possible for any modern lifestyle.  We may make waves in our industry from time-to-time, but that's what always happens when someone rewrites the rules.  In our case, the industry’s most innovative designs and unparalleled material selection have been combined to establish the quality and value leader in the cloth diaper market.

Our Impact: changing the world one baby at a time.

To a person, our entire company knows that we have a responsibility to our planet.  And it makes us proud to know that customers using GroVia diapers have removed over 160,000,000 disposable diapers from our world's waste stream.  Thank you! 

Our Diapers: making it easy for more parents to choose sustainability.

We are not alone in pursuing environmental sustainability in product design, and we salute companies everywhere that have chosen to follow a similar path in a credible and “real” way, such as by using certification processes to guarantee organic material sources and fair trade practices.  We also know that in order to bring more families to experience the wonders of cloth diapers, we have to make products that just plain work.  When it comes to diaper design, we never sacrifice functionality in favor of a green-at-all-costs mentality.  Instead, we start all of our designs at the most elemental levels to ensure that we are delivering solutions that work in the real world. 

Need a diaper that can hit the road or go to day care?  No problem. Our Hybrid diaper Shell paired with a BioSoaker insert gives you a baby- and earth-friendly alternative.  

Want to maximize your cost savings versus disposable diapers?  Use the same Hybrid Shell along with a variety of integrated Soaker Pad and absorbency options.

Ready for the world’s simplest and high tech cloth diaper? Use our All In One diaper that delivers certified organic cotton in a user-friendly design that any dad or father-in-law will love.

Awards & Recognition: you don’t have to take our word for it.


These are just a few of the specific awards that have resulted from our industry-changing approaches.

Our Team

Collaborating worldwide to build the world’s best cloth diapers.

GroVia is a committed group of family-oriented men and women in the U.S. and elsewhere that are working together to make a difference for families and babies everywhere.

Founder & Chief Innovator, Kim Ormsby 
As a little girl, growing up in Montana, I knew two things:  I loved animals and babies and someday I would do something great with this love.  What started as a dream to bring healthy, green, innovative products to other families, The Natural Baby Company and GroVia snowballed into much more.  As our family grew so did our little company.  I've been incredibly fortunate to have assembled a team of talented people who are just as passionate about our goals as I am.  This has allowed me to continue to use my experience as a mom and inspiration from my children to create fantastic products that meet the needs of today's families in the most eco-friendly, healthy, modern way possible. 


Operations Director, Jennifer Lewis

Some say I'm OCD, to me, it's common sense... Order + creativity = success. Growing up in the world's first national park, I could be found cleaning, decorating and rearranging my room rather than outside with the buffalo. This led me to find a career where I could really help organize, structure and share my love for creativity and processes while working with amazing people. As my family grows, I hope to be able to share with them my appreciation for ingenuity, making earth friendly choices and hard work that I have learned while working at The Natural Baby Company and GroVia. 

Design Director, Hiller Higman

My name is Hiller Higman and I draw bicycles for a living. Today it's bicycles. Tomorrow it may be dogs, cats, robots, spaceships or clouds. I feel fortunate that I can make a living doing this while posing as a graphic designer, web programmer, brand creator.  Over the years I have been fortunate to be able to develop prints, websites, identities, advertising, and illustrations for The Natural Baby Co., nearly from the start of the business. It's rewarding to watch the natural growth of a great product and a great company.


Marketing Director, Jessica Drost

 I used to think that a job was a job, and that it didn’t really matter what you did as long as you got paid. As I've grown older and had the opportunity to work at several different types of companies, I've come to realize that finding the right “fit” is extremely important, and actually quite hard to do. That’s why I am so excited to have found a company whose mission is to create innovative, eco-friendly products for families around the world. Now, not only do I get to feel good about coming to work every day, but I also feel empowered and energized to do my part to help this amazing company grow. Combine this with GroVia and The Natural Baby Company’s “work hard, play hard” mentality and it’s the ideal combination for this creative, outdoor-loving Montana girl.

Controller, Troy Paulson

As a third generation accountant, I followed a seemingly different career path. After ski instructing and adventuring around the world in locations from South Dakota to Germany, I finally got my accounting degree and my wife and I made the move to Montana. Once here, my passion for the outdoors grew even more and I find myself enjoying everything this amazing landscape has to offer from rafting, skiing, hunting and camping to hiking and exploring Yellowstone Park. To be honest, since my only "children" (to date) have four legs and a wagging tail, prior to joining The Natural Baby Company and GroVia, I didn't even know cloth diapers still existed!  Working here has been both an eye-opening and exciting experience - to learn about a product that's not only baby and earth friendly, but great for your wallet too.